Thursday, 4 September 2014

Summer blogging...

Its finally here, our first six week holidays! It doesn't seem so long ago that we were just starting out, with a shiny new uniform. Now, she has her next size up uniform purchased for next year, to wear with her 100% attendance badge.

Freya finished school at half one on Friday. It was all a little hectic, I worked Thursday and Friday night which made it awkward for me to attend the achievers assembly but Freya has been given an award for 100% attendance. She was thrilled to get a certificate and a badge and only one other got this award in her class, Freya's friend Esther.

I was falling asleep with my eyes open and almost came off my seat at one point but it is so worth it. I really believe that by turning up to these things you boost your child's happiness and esteem... A small price to pay.

I spent a lot of free time this week completing teachers gifts. I could have got a box of maltesers and saved myself the heart ache but I do like a bit of creative time. Here's the end result...

The holiday is all the more exciting because it is for a limited time only... people to see, bucket lists to complete and family fun time to be had. Whilst trawling Pinterest I found an idea of sitting down and creating a 'bucket list' of things that each member of the family wanted to do. Those things are then written on a board to give us all something to look forward to.

The first adventure on the agenda is a trip down south to see London and catch up with Adrian and Rachel and Aunty June. We went to the library today to find books about London to help generate a bit of hype. We picked Topsy and Tim go to London and I have created a little 'diorama' using the happyland royal family, a double decker bus and small union flag. Now to go and work some 'packing magic'.

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