Thursday, 4 September 2014

Written Retrospectively...

The title of this blog post is a phrase that makes me smile. I write it, without fail, every day of my working life as a nurse. It is good practice to write as one goes along, however, being so busy and putting patients first has always left me feverishly scribbling this phrase at the top of all my notes, half an hour after shift end. After a particularly difficult shift involving my manager being absent for large chunks of it, she shouted over her shoulder as she left me behind... 'If you did your writing as you went along...' It was only funny after the fact but friends of mine still say it to me years later and it always elicits a giggle. This is about blogging though.

I am trying to catch up with my 'dark ages', the era where there was no time for a good old blog, July 2012 to about now really. I have decided to blog a month of photos at a time. Let's see how it pans out.  I am hoping to be able to insert it into the blog at the right date, otherwise it won't make sense having pictures of the kids looking like chubby baby faced cherubs again.

Wisdom of a four year old.

Giraffes are very cute but monkeys are a bit bottomy...

Booby show booby show, can you see the booby show. It's full of boobies...after dressing in my bras.

Words of wisdom for today x

Summer blogging...

Its finally here, our first six week holidays! It doesn't seem so long ago that we were just starting out, with a shiny new uniform. Now, she has her next size up uniform purchased for next year, to wear with her 100% attendance badge.

Freya finished school at half one on Friday. It was all a little hectic, I worked Thursday and Friday night which made it awkward for me to attend the achievers assembly but Freya has been given an award for 100% attendance. She was thrilled to get a certificate and a badge and only one other got this award in her class, Freya's friend Esther.

I was falling asleep with my eyes open and almost came off my seat at one point but it is so worth it. I really believe that by turning up to these things you boost your child's happiness and esteem... A small price to pay.

I spent a lot of free time this week completing teachers gifts. I could have got a box of maltesers and saved myself the heart ache but I do like a bit of creative time. Here's the end result...

The holiday is all the more exciting because it is for a limited time only... people to see, bucket lists to complete and family fun time to be had. Whilst trawling Pinterest I found an idea of sitting down and creating a 'bucket list' of things that each member of the family wanted to do. Those things are then written on a board to give us all something to look forward to.

The first adventure on the agenda is a trip down south to see London and catch up with Adrian and Rachel and Aunty June. We went to the library today to find books about London to help generate a bit of hype. We picked Topsy and Tim go to London and I have created a little 'diorama' using the happyland royal family, a double decker bus and small union flag. Now to go and work some 'packing magic'.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Nobody knows about my toes...

We had a letter from school explaining that nail polish is definitely not part of the school uniform. Freya was sad this morning when I had to take off her birthday weekend nail polish off for Monday morning at school. I showed her my nails,  they were beautiful orangey/red at the weekend but we're now woefully plain and short because of my shift yesterday.  I told Freya that the matron at work would shout at me if I did because that was MY uniform too.  We made up the rhyme "Nobody knows about my toes..."  said with a wink because although we can't have nail polish on our hands during the week,  we can rock a snazzy pedicure.  This is Edie's aurora/ariel/aurora design...  I liked it so much I have one too!