Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Our Playroom

The alpha dog is away again, so I have decided to start the epic catch up with my blog. This is going to involve me going through the last years worth of photos and scribbling a little about them.

Our playroom is a wonderful space, warm, totally child orientated, en-suite and totally fit for purpose (washable floors to boot)

I like to have a dedicated child space because I am really conscious that I am Edie's nursery for three days of the week and this room reflects that. When I am bereft of ideas to entertain the kids we just go and sit in there and loads of play opportunities present themselves.

It does spend a lot of time in an awful mess...

Then again it is very satisfying to put it all back into order. I suspect I am a little too anally retentive to have children. I blame all those years working in intensive care making everything look perfect. I heard of one of my colleagues tippexing stains off a bed sheet. Maybe I left in time to save my sanity. However, I  have sorted the play food into 'fresh' and 'processed'...


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