Monday, 13 May 2013

Touching the Monolith and Touching Base...

It has been almost a year since my last post... Necessity, I suppose. Something had to give- a shame as blogging helped me to be thankful for all the lovely things in my life, a new tea cosy, a visit from sister and family adventures. Here's hoping I can shoe horn it back in (along with the running, the studying, the sewing, the kids, the house, the dog....)

Touching the monolith refers to the girls leaping forward- Edie now constructs long sentences and is a really thoughtful two year old. Only today, nanny popped round for visit but declined the usual offer of tea. Edie thought about it for a while then said "how about some juice in a glass?" Nanny declined again "how about... Grapes?" 

Freya is now swimming independently, not just pushing off the side to an adult but diving underwater, jumping in and floating on her back when she gets tired. At the pool today she saw a boy she knew from nursery and was showing off and jumping in to impress him- oh dear, there will be heartaches ahead, I thought. Poor love was wearing her cousin Hollie's old swimming costume with the gusset down to the knees- she will be mortified one day. Her drawing has also become a joy to watch with amusing faces and recognisable people appearing.

Well, this was only intended to be a short blog to 'test the water'.

I will have to come up with a way to weave in great photos and good times from the last twelve months now...

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