Sunday, 1 July 2012

Huntington Nature Trail

I have probably already waxed lyrical about the park opposite our house. It is fabulous any time of year and has provided hours of solace and excitement for children, adults and dogs alike. There has been a lot of care invested in the park and this exhibition is a testament to that. The Huntington Heritage trail in Bold Venture Park is a group of sculptures related to local history. It was commissioned by The Friends of Bold Venture group and funded with a lottery grant. The day of the unveiling was awash with Bucks Fizz and sunshine.

There were walking tours going on but we opted out, having been lucky enough to see all the pieces in various stages of installation and getting to chat with the artists to boot, very cultured. One of my favourite pieces are these contemporary speech bubbles that are barely visible in the trees.

Here is Edie exploring the 'Who Pays the Quarryman' carving in the rockface, it was created by the same sculptor who made the stone mason sculpture at the motorway junction, Thompson Dagnall.

The installations span across both top and bottom parks and here is Moomin sitting on 'Huntington's Parlour', an installation dedicated to a wallpaper designer from Darwen.

The sculptures are just weaving themselves into the fabric of the park now and, we probably don't even notice them but it is a really cool trail to follow for visitors to the area.

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