Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Garden.

I have dreams for my garden, and drawings for that matter but they are just pipe dreams at the minute. In the spirit of making the best of what I have got, here is what is happening at number ninety one.

After seeing it at a friend's house, we decided to make a pine cone weather station.

Here it is open, predicting a bit of good weather, good job I got a photo of it as it isn't a frequent occurence at the minute.

It sits just outside the kitchen window, suspended from our strawberry hanging basket.

Ah, now that is more like it, tightly closed and dripping with rain water.

Our next door neighbours have a large shrub teeming with sparrows, so this year I have gone a bit mad with coconut halves, feeders with sunflower hearts in and a window feeder full of meal worms.

There is something really cool about washing up and watching the birds feeding, god damn I am middle aged.

My free delivery of strawberry plants from Em has been given a good home in a disused part of the garden, within picking reach of the kids too.

I am rather proud that I filled the bed with our own homemade compost, the circle of life and all that.

After disucssion with Sharon at work, I have since constructed a bird proof net system for our crop.

More for the kids, we have our violas and purple flowers in pots everywhere... which is actually rather nice.

The Lilac tree is sprouting nicely after a savage pruning from Craig.

Just next to the lilac are our potato bags that seemed to have sprung to life without us doing anything, so I don't hold out much hope for the crop but we'll see.

I washed all our decorative pots which are unimaginatively  filled with hostas but we like them. After several unsuccessful years using organic warfare (Nematodes) I decided to try out some coppper tape on the pots. I am quite proud of this bit of hard work.

I also slug pelleted like crazy for good measure.

In summary, we have a nice homley spot for a cup of tea and a chinwag but I won't be having an 'open garden' event this year.

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