Monday, 7 May 2012

How we spend our days

I had a particularly tough morning one-time when Edie was new. I was stood in the middle of the room crying at about half past eleven in the morning because I couldn't get washed or dressed, the baby was crying and crying and refused to be put down. Freya was taking full advantage of this by misbehaving and making a massive mess.

I had been up for four hours and wasn't making any progress and I couldn't see how I was going to be able to move forward in my day. I worried that I would still be stood there when Craig came home. I posted on Facebook "Sam Chambers is having a really shit day at Guantanamo ranch" and got loads of support and lovely replies. One friend, Liz, recommended that I read 'The Fish Finger years'

It was a good read and has a really great passage at the end about the fact that all children grow up.

'We may still wander through parks, but we won't loiter for ninety-five minutes at the swings, with a small person bellowing,'Higher!' We'll be calmer, cleaner and, if we look knackered, we'll only have ourselves to blame. Our lives will become ours again.

And we won't know what to do with ourselves.' (Gibson, 2005)

I dream about having time to put make-up on, go for a run, go to the cinema and 'pop' to the shops but this quote brings tears to my eyes. I think one day, my daily trips across the road to the park will become very boring. A bit of a long intro for the post really but as is usual, I have a random collection of photos on my phone.

I thought I could tie them together in a post about how we spend our days. One day when I have my life back and the girls are safely in school, I will wonder why the days felt so chaotic. Here is how we fill our days

Playing in the shower...I actually have to get a grown-up shower whilst trying not to tread on them, it feels a bit like playing Twister and washing your hair at the same time.

Cuddling them dry,  although this is wonderful, by the time we are all done, the girls are ready for their snack, so, fast forward past any beauty routine for me (that's my excuse anyway)

Playing in the cot, they just love 'visiting' each other's bed.

Strutting our stuff at the shops. This is the day Edie inherited Freya's doodles, she kept shouting 'Shoes, shoes'. Now she shouts 'rainbow' because that is the design on the front. I always loved doodles ever since seeing Cameron in them, they have a retro toddler feel to them.

Here's Cameron's pair from 2003!

A rare moment of levitation above, and coming back from the pool with his aunties. How times have changed, no Cath Kidston swimming bag, I had to content myself with a Matalan shopping bag, ah simpler times.

Back to us. Having lunch in the garden, after spending half an hour hanging out a 'kids load' of washing. You wouldn't believe how many tiny clothes you can fit in an 8Kg drum.

Going on playdates with Aunty Emily and Amelia. This particular time we threw stale NHS bread at the ducks, then had a whale of a time with pink balloons in the playground. Freya and Amelia are so cute they have the same little shoes, Freya in purple and Amelia in blue.

An afternoon colouring with Aunty Fran, when she dropped their Easter eggs off.

Going swimming, going to the library, visiting the pet shop, going to see Nanny and Granddad, walking the dogs, playing the park, gardening... it is endless.

It's no wonder we are all shattered...

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