Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Craft Fairs

I am excited, in a few weeks time I will be doing a craft fair with Emily. She makes such wonderful things and now has an Etsy shop of her own. We will be travelling to Harrogate to go and 'play shop'!

She has made such beautiful things and I am lucky to have quite a bit of it round my little house, as her official tester.

Doorstops with rustic string ties.

Her ubercute, better than Cath Kidston labels, 'Dolly Doulton Lovingly Handmade in Lancashire'. The name actually comes from her grandmother (correct me if I am wrong Em!)

Really great quality peg bags. She has even knocked up some vendor aprons for the big event.

Emily did a craft fair in a nearby town a couple of months ago. It was a charity do and managed to raise some cash for a local cause. Em even got her tea cosies on the front of the paper. This was the photo shoot... sorry not great pictures, couldn't have stood further away really.

I had a poke around the other stalls and ended up buying some amazing cupcakes, aren't they the cutest.

Emily had suggested that I sell something but this is all the crafting that I have done in the past few months.

A fabric toy tea bag, that took me hours, I think I made five and gave three to Emily! Anyhow, I hope that I am useful even if it means that she can go to the toilet without all her gear getting nicked. Maybe I could make some macaroons to lure the punters in?

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