Monday, 16 April 2012

Our Week

It has been a strange few weeks what with being I'll... I am never sick. I had just got into my running and Callanetics mojo in preparation for camping in June with several 'yummy mummys' when I developed what I thought was exercise induced asthma. Turns out to be a feisty bronchitis. I am composing this at five am because that is the time I am getting up to take my Domestos strength antibiotics so that all the side effects have worn off by the time the kids get up. At least the coughing has subsided and I can begin building my pelvic floor up again.

The weather has been wonderful which has made me feel more guilty for being off. We set the garden up with a ball pool, sand table and reading seat. We even enjoyed meals outside.

I had a play date scheduled at Riverside with Freya and her key worker Sheree. It was something that we had discussed at the 'parents evening' a few weeks back. It was a sunny day and the plan was to do some gardening together, which ended up as scratching through stony mud, upending last years bulbs with plastic tools whilst getting mobbed by all the other kids. We did actually plant some tulips and bluebells (God help them).

We went in for circle time which was interesting to see. They all sat down and passed a toy cat round and they got to speak when the cat came to them. A clever way of restoring order, giving all the children time to speak and sharing information. We talked about flowers that the kids had at home. I began to panic... Thinking about it apart from a few dormant hostas and some herbs, we had no flowers. Luckily, Freya said we had purple and pink flowers! There were some other children who said we just have a trampoline or we just have weeds, so I felt a little better. Note to self, must buy flowers for colour soon. I have never really been interested in flowery flowers before, we have always grown herbs and shrubs seeing as how flowers die and turn into a sticky brown goo if you don't have the touch. With Freya's love of flowers, it seemed the only thing to do and very cheerful it is too.

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  1. Poor Freya :( I'm going to pop to B&Q and get her some violas, she'll love them and they just dry up and disappear. xx