Monday, 30 April 2012

If I had a shop...

If I had a shop, it would be like this.

There is a florist in Blackburn that has the most wonderful window displays. It is on a busy road with no parking, so although I have admired it, I have never stopped there. One rainy day, I thought we can take a trip there especially and I wasn't disappointed.

At the moment they have an Alice in Wonderland theme.

They sold all kinds of lovely stuff, like colourful spotty bunting and mason jars filled with a mixture of gypsophila and daisies. Sadly. because of our new austerity measures budget, I settled for a bunch of flowers for mum who hasn't been so well. Freya loved the whole experience of telling the florist exactly which flowers she wanted... all purple of course, including a stunning lilac coloured rose.

Freya carefully carried them back to the car and although she had been briefed that this was nanny's bunch of flowers, the tears started, big rollers. She sat quietly weeping in the back seat all the way home. She reminded me of the Hippo from my childhood.

The Hippopotamus's Birthday

He has opened all his parcels
but the largest and the last;
His hopes are at their highest
   and his heart is beating fast.
O happy hippopotamus,
What lovely gift is here?
He cuts the string. The world stands still.
    A pair of boots appear!

O little hippopotamus,
     the sorrows of the small!
He dropped two tears to mingle 
    with the flowing Senegal;
And the 'Thank you' that he uttered
           was the saddest ever heard
In the Senegambian jungle
                     from the mouth of beast or bird.

E.V. Rieu 

(Taken from the book:  I Like This Poem (1979) edited by Kaye Webb. Puffin Books.)

Mum read that poem to me and my sister and it can still bring a tear to our eyes thirty years on, scarred for life mother.

Anyway, I consoled Freya with the idea that nanny might let her take one flower home to put in her own jar... which of course she did!

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