Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Window Dressing.

Just a little post to test out blogging on my new iPhone.... Woop woop. Craig wasn't too keen on the iPhone because it is locked into Apple and Windows, so I have had an android phone up until now. It always irked me that good apps always seemed to be geared towards iPhone... So Craig said if it's what you really want... Yippee. It is taking a while to get used to but what is not to love. I have Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, my Kindle, Amazon, Sonic the Hedgehog, a Harry Potter movie, a good camera, A Cath Kidston case and Blogger.

I digress, so I wanted to see how easy it was to blog and add pictures. This post is about two small things I have done recently that have cheered me up no end.

I have never really been happy with the fireplace in the front room, a bit dated and it has never been properly dressed. With company coming, I collected some random accessories from round the house and put them together with a big bunch of daffodils (always a sure fire way to brighten the mood) and I am loving the new look.

The flower vase is an IKEA hurricane lantern. The westie was a Christmas gift from mum. I had some seasonal Pinterest subway art in the frame but had to swap the 'hohoho' theme for a picture of me in Sequoia National Park, a random photo but a great picture from a fabulous holiday, so it can stay till I find some spring subway art. The bird was a resprayed eBay purchase, done after seeing Creative Little Daisy's blog about thrifting and spraying everything white. The bird cage was a cheapy purchase from the Range as was the mercury glass candle stick. There were two candlesticks but I smashed one just getting to the car. I thought it best not attempt to return the other one because  I would probably smash it on the way back to the shop. I actually think one looks OK. I still need something for my resprayed picture frame on the end though.

I am pleased as punch with the overall effect, I would have liked some spring themed cushions but we are on a budget now... Boo.

Lastly, hot pink nail polish, DIY pedicure and I feel a million bucks- who knew. Freya was equally pleased with the colour. When she saw it on my bedside table, in awestruck tones she said "what's THAT..." and she ended up with pink toes too. Just need it to be sandal season now.

Money spent= £0, overall happiness increase 80% at least.

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  1. It was pretty easy with the phone but had to come and jiggle the pictures on the PC, can't complain though.