Thursday, 2 February 2012

Edie's Independance

The house is as quiet as a library, it is Thursday and Freya is off rough housing with all the other pre-schoolers at nursery. I seemed to get so much done today and can take everything at Edie's pace.

We have done her 'your baby can read' DVD, there was lots of copying and joining in with songs. We have had a walk round the park (half way) before falling and banging her head. She was examining stones today and showing off her new whistling skills (bizarre that she has learned to do that now). We have had a bit of a play, then peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches before going back to bed.

I took these shots recently when I realised that she had grown out of the babybjorn carrier and this would be her last outing sniff sniff. It is not that it was particularly comfortable but it is definately the end of an era. I finally realised she had outgrown it  when I bent down to poop scoop and Edie was stood, both feet flat on the floor in the baby carrier. We have the occasional trip out with the big backpack but essentially she is her own little independant thing walking to and from the park.

Edie is nearly making it round Bold Venture park, while Freya walked all the way up to Darwen Tower the other day. We were so proud, two years old and already fell walking. It was a beautiful day for it. We wanted to go up and inspect the newly erected small 'dome' on top of the tower. We had to bribe her up with revitalising snacks and drinks but I think she did champion.

Edie, on the other hand, gets grumpy when she is ferried around preferring to express herself through the medium of dance.

This video shows her dancing to Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Waltz. We are not being high brow, it is on the end of the Disney film which Freya loves. Both girls now love waltzing. Edie has been particularly surprising, she sings the first line of the song "I know you..." and she has formed a real attachment to Prince Phillip and regularly takes him for a little dance. I love her 'Fingers on lips' finish. (Sorry about the poor quality of the audio.)

Freya is less graceful, we took her to her first ballet lesson the last Saturday, credit to nanny, she sorted it all out. It is a little dance studio in Blackburn where the adults sit round the edge on sofas having a coffee while the little dots do set dances, skipping and waving silk scarves. She was very attentive but she skips like a herd of elephants. Her friends from nursery, Bethany and Maisie were there too.

I have ordered some pretty ballet gear because last week (her first time) I just put her in something that she could dance in:  pink leggings, red tutu, purple sparkly trainers and a mickey mouse sweatshirt she looked cute but eccentric compared to all the other pale pink graceful little things. The woman had said that they could just wear anything that they could move in...oops.

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