Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shed and Love seat re-do

I haven't been here for a while... just the usual excuse of being a bit manic, dreaming of some time to get straight so then I can do a little each but actually just staggering from day to day taking it one wine at a time. Anyway... I found this post uncompleted.

Here is the lean-to pre-fettle.

Just a dumping ground.

I 'salvaged' (such a nice word for nicked) this old roof slate out of Steve and Jackie's skip for a nice garden chalkboard. Just because these jobs are listed doesn't mean that they ever got done. This big wooden cockerel was made by cousin Martin years ago and I have never found a 'use' for it... voila, a doorstop.

Hydrangeas from mum's garden.

A basket for all my laundry gubbins because I aspire to have a utility room one day and this is a close as I am getting. It is amazing how a little tidying can scratch a decorating/DIY itch.

Moving on...the 'love-seat' was a giant dark wood monstrosity that was donated by mum and dad. It was looming in the back of the garden until a lot of sanding, a lick of paint and some cushions transformed it.

This is obviously the 'before' with a teeny tiny baby Freya perched on it one summer's day. That random collection of sticks is our 'woodstore', I know I have seen better.

I picked a sage green colour that reminded me of Martha Stewart's estate. The seat cushion is actually Freya's old cot mattress which is a perfect fit.

This corner of the garden is where we have built our fairy garden, you can just make out the ceramic toadstool.

We painted a couple of green plastic planters white to co-ordinate with back of the seat because we couldn't quite afford nice new stone ones.

I planted some climbing sweet peas that I grew from seed.

I loved this cast iron bird feeder hook, a steal at a fiver from eBay. Moomin just hangs around underneath it hoovering up seed.

The bird box is definitely form over function and is probably as likely to be used as Craig's handcrafted bat box.

Some cheap chain was used to hang the ikea lanterns to make a 'chandelier'

The girls seemed to like it.

Here's the climbing sweet peas when they came to fruition, as it were.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with how these projects turned out. It is so difficult to fit it in these days but decorating my house still makes me happy.


  1. Lovely pictures, you did a great job.
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  2. Sam, it looks lovely, reminds me that summer is just a few short weeks away. Can I book in for cocktails and crochet?
    Em x