Friday, 23 September 2011

One of our dinosaurs is missing.

No, I am not referring to the awesome Disney film circa 1975. Incidentally, we have just added it to our collection under the heading  'films we loved as kids but modern youngsters find tedious'. I am referring to the distinctly dinosaur theme that everything has taken on recently.

It started with me purchasing a few ELC dinosaurs with a view to planting up a live jungle for Freya to play with. Here's our brachiosaur...

Then there was a little wrestling with a 'full size' one at the shop (or at least in  Freya's eyes) you could buy these, God knows why.

It finally ended up with an impromptu lecture about the Deccan Traps theory from Professor Chambers, head of paleantology (palaeontology! - your loving professor ;-). I love bath crayons, we have good times with them but what a mess to clean up.

Never one to only give one side of an arguement, he goes on to compare alternate hypotheses with a bloody great meteor.

If you squint you can see, Craig's meteor heading towards the carefully labelled Yucatan pennisula.

He may have a big brain but he can't draw a T-Rex for shit.

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