Monday, 12 September 2011

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

The problem with falling off the blogging waggon is that when you finally do a mammoth catch up, you can't remember the details or it seems really irrelevant.

To illustrate the second point, our garden is a wind battered overgrown/ half dead wasteland now. We probably need to do a winter tidy up, storing things in the garage, sweeping leaves and weedkilling everything, but here are some of the highlights from the garden this year.

Starting at the front, our beautiful peony bush that mum and dad left in the garden when they moved. I shudder to think that I wanted to get rid of it when I was young and minimalist obsessed. I wanted gravel and box 'balls'- ridiculous... thankgod I am chronically lazy when it comes to gardening. The peonies are beautiful, shame we only get a few, I think the weather is that dreadful down here that a lot of them rot insitu. When they do come, I love them, sweet smelling and girly.

I have had real success growing sweet peas from seed and will do that again next year. I filled our kitchen window box, they are growing up the sides of the loveseat and I have a small tub on my new garden table (made by dad, photos to come in a later post) The colours are bright and cheerful, vibrant pinks and delicate white.

This was going to be a fun project, that never came to fruition. I had planted each of the girls a sunflower and I thought they could have a 'race'. The slugs soon put a stop to my idea and Freya got assigned the only survivor, it even has a little plaque.

We attempted to grow peas, errecting a series of poles, optimistically I might add. What was once a promiseing little veg patch is now a waterlogged mess. The peas rotted just above ground. I did shove a few leftover seeds in an old container, not wanting to waste them. Hey presto, a perfectly functional little plant that even needed me to fashion a little wicker tee-pee for support. We got a few peas off it, however, once Freya learned what they were and that she could reach them... it was like a biblical plague.

Slightly more successful was our attempt at growing potatoes. We had two bags each of King Eddies and some New potatoes that had slightly different instructions which we proceeded to mix up. Here's Freya having a little morning constitutional round the garden in her pyjamas getting lost in the potato forrest.

One summer's evening we decided "Balls to it" we'll just harvest them now. The girls seemed to enjoy the whole PYO experience.

Even Edie got involved, although I think given half the chance she would have just eaten them raw.

Not bad little specimens.

This is the haul that we finally ended up with.

From soil to table in less than an hour. I don't think Freya will have got any of the 'Isn't it wonderful (but middle class) to grow your own.' But they were delicious, potatoes are definately worth growing your own... simple really.

There have been some disasters and we will need to rethink our growing strategy next year considering our decreasing free time and the fact that the veg plot seems barren, maybe raised beds at the side of a lawn with a wendy house on. Now where has that euromillions ticket gone...

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