Friday, 23 September 2011

Ava Pizza Gala

Ava Pizza Gala is actually the name of a girl at Freya's nursery.... well not exactly. Freya used to come home shouting those three random and seemingly unconnected  words. We were amused but didn't really understand it until Craig spied an itallian looking name on the peg rack at Riverside. Needless to say, the post has nothing to do with that little girl but merely a reminder of something Freya used to do that made us laugh and a tenuous link to the local primary school Gala.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, the kids even got to wear shorts and sandals, a rarity. As ever, Freya accessorised her own top with some matching blue beads of nanny's, she just has an eye for colour. Her hair is long enough to plait now which makes her look like a proper little girl.

Edie is working a romper and matching hat.

A true family outing always has to involve Moomin, although she is just going to hang out with Buster and Benson a few doors down from the school.

The school had organised a big bouncy castle, a barbeque, mini jumble sale, cake decorating table, a place to get temporary tatoos and raffles etc. Freya enjoyed the bouncy castle with Hannah. Hannah lives two doors down and after being a bit bored this summer has developed a bit of an attachment to Freya. Harmless, but annoying when she is constantly picking Freya up in that awkward way that 10 year olds do.

A shot of Freya's fairy tattoo that she adored, don't know why I have never thought of doing it before. We got a few days out of it by carefully washing round it. In the end I bit the bullet and scrubbed it off in the bath while she wasn't looking.

We also got one for Hannah as she had spent her last fifty pence buying a cupcake to decorate for Freya.

Craig and Edie by the 'stalls'

It was a good opportunity to have a little nosey in the school seeing as how it is literally a minute walk from our house. Mum pushed us towards the headmistress who happily took our name despite our Godless tendencies. We didn't admit the Craig is a rabid atheist with strong views on catholic schools and public funding. It should count that Nanny knows her catechisms though shouldn't it?

Again with the picking up.

Edie showing off her new jumble sale giraffe, we also got a high chair for Marie-Lou (involuntary shudder) and a new touchy feely book about puppies.

The weather was perfect for it.

Edie about to vulcan death grip Hannah's nose.

All in all, a pleasant few hours and at least our children's religious future is back on track.

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