Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And breathe...

It's Tuesday, I have lots of things to blog about (catching up as usual). Thought I might try a post a night to clear the back log...

Here is my outline for the week:
  1. Royal Visits.
  2. One of our Dinosaurs is missing.
  3. Ava-Pizza-Gala.
  4. Shed and love seat re-do.
  5. My birthday and Beads.
  6. Mary, Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow?
Just a few pictures, because seriously, what is a blog post without them? I decided to post some ball pool pictures because we need to remind ourselves that it isn't pissing down everyday.

I love this paddling pool, but it is big and therefore a bugger to fill with warm water, even more so now that I can't leave Freya unattended with it and I can't leave Edie unattended at all much really. It's just the fox, the grain and the chicken all over again. A simple solution is to fill it with balls instead... good dry, non-toddler drowning fun.

Freya delights in running round in just knickers or even in the buff these days, like most kids. She is very reminiscent of Terry Jones in the Juniper bushes sketch from Life of Brian.

Especially when she puts on a burst of speed, usually when she has pinched something and is running away with the loot.

Today has been challenging, Edie seems to be teething (eight teeth at eight months, C'mon) which has made her grumpy and you can forget trying to keep her on her back for a nappy change. To compound things, Freya is more attention seeking the more time I put in with Edie. I do loose my rag and hate myself for that. I can quickly divert proceedings to happier pursuits but always feel so disappointed in myself. By the time Craig gets home, I am on my last nerve and I have turned into the wife who says 'You take them!'- I hate that too. Everyday, I say I will do it differently, I will do it better... giving myself pep talks and re-organising everyday is becoming tiresome too. Still, Freya had her best stay in bed night yet and Craig made me a delicious cocktail. I am happy again and grateful for my blessings, so maybe I just need Lithium?

Crabby times aside, there was some nice playing today. I was lying on the floor playing in Freya's room (the crimson witch was having her morning nap) I had six blocks and all I could think to do was build a) a wall b) a tower c) a pyramid. I did my three constructions and was a bit lost really. Freya came along and told me it was a train and then we sorted out a range of passengers and went on a trip to Aunty Becky's and then the seaside for welsh cakes and tea (From the poem 'The Train from Perth to Loch Brane).

There is obviously a part of the brain responsible for fun and imagination that shrivels as we get older. Maybe we should all get in touch with our inner child.

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