Saturday, 25 June 2011

To craft or not to craft?

I am quite creative and like titivating our house, and so like many others I had fallen into the 'Martha' trap (Martha Stewart). Organising everything with sticky labels, making displays for diffierent 'holidays' and generally employing her 'Good Things' (top tips) throughout the house.

This is how to organise the perfect mudroom...apparently. However, I have found that my free time is getting less and less with Edie being more mobile. I have finally accepted that a lot of this stuff is for people who have spare time which sadly, is not going to be me for a few years. I am beginning to embrace the mess and enjoy the girls being little and wanting to spend time with me, because that will definitely change one day. I stumbled across this book and it has helped me immensely.

I was hooked by the end of the first page. After watching a show in which Martha fashioned a cranberry wreath out of 3500 cranberries, the author, Lisa Quinn, had an epiphany.

            "For the first time ever, I looked at Martha, my idol and thought,
            "This  bitch is crazy."" Quinn, 2010.

So while I do still dabble with some crafty stuff, I have attempted to tone it down a bit and not be so manic. My friend Emily is in a similar situation, she has a love of handmade gubbins and a little one but she is struggling to find a good balance. I told her about the book and before I could explain why I liked it she proceeded to tell me that she has a really great way of folding fitted sheets that she'll have to share with me...argh.

I have been indulging in some crafty stuff though...

This is a gift from the lovely, aforementioned Emily. I have never crocheted before. The cotton-like wool ('worsted weight', used for cloths) in funky colours comes from Em and the expertise comes from my mum. It looks super but I do bleach all my cloths normally so it is a bit of a time sucker for something too beautiful to use... maybe it can come out for show. I think the other one can be a gift for my big sister who's kitchen is precisely that colour.

In return for the wool, I have snaffled this vintage pattern book from my mum with the intention of copying it for Emily. In the middle you'll notice a beautiful retro tea cosie very similar to the one I bought from Cath Kidston for £18! A real vintage goldmine.

This is a new magazine that seems to be creating a buzz on lots of blogs. My smart phone is in a very sensible black rubber case and could so do with a bit of zsushing (if I ever get round to it) I like a bit of fancy-ness on my gadgets, keys, e-reader etc but I draw the line at my car...

Epic fail. This is Jamie's (boy next door) girlfriends car. If Freya or Edie ever did that to a car they would get grounded.

So little to do, so much time... reverse that.


  1. Haha ..."For the first time ever, I looked at Martha, my idol and thought,
    "This bitch is crazy."" Quinn, 2010.... I actually LOL as i read that ... sounds like a great read :)

  2. ooh am loving the look of the orange crochet xx