Monday, 6 June 2011

Spoonful of Sugar

Is there anything as comforting as sitting on the couch next to your significant other, idly watching them play computer games? I have a big cup of twinings everyday tea. All I need know is a slice of cake and the scene will be complete. I see a lot of delicious cakes on other peoples blogs and think that I would like to do some baking. The ideal thing would be to bake one new thing every week, and just have that around for the week's treats. Don't think that really fits in with slimming world but we can't make life too joyless. I saw this cake on the 'not martha' blog. It is a wonderful leprechaun-trap-cake which I had never heard of but it seems self-explanatory. Not an every week baking cake but for a birthday...

The diet and exercise isn't going too well this week as I have been a bit run down. I was unusually tired, spotty (I never get spots) and my hair was so lank it looked like 'cadaver' chic. So I gave myself a bit of a rest. I am being generally more active and Craig is still swimming, so our attitude shift is persisting at least. I have discovered the Adidas mi coach app for my smart phone which is a great motivator... very basic stats but it does push you to walk a bit faster.

Before I got run down, the exercise was leaving me feeling very good. I am hoping to get back on track by taking Mooms for a walk this evening. Hopefully, the exercise will help me ward off the stress of work which seems particularly painful at the minute. Each shift we are very busy and missing tea breaks, which wouldn't be so bad but for the fact that you are still being reprimanded for not getting the job done. To do your best under tough conditions and get no thanks, day in day out is becoming soul destroying. What do they say about a spoonful of sugar...

this is what I bought from Etsy to cheer myself up at my dreadful job, a shiny new id badge lanyard. To look on the bright side I have a job that pays me well enough to only be away from the kids two days a week, so I shall have to 'strap on a proverbial pair'.

I dusted off my beautiful heels because last night was 'date night'. Here they are modelled by Freya next morning, next to the princess shoes that she is no longer interested in favour of mine.

Craig and I went out to the cinema to watch 'The Hangover 2'. The film was great although not a patch on the original. Ken Jeong as Mr Chow is such a scream.

It was good to go out to the cinema even if I did find out that I am three years out of fashion with clothes and hair and didn't really have a 'going out' handbag. A small shopping trip with a stop at the hairdressers will be in order if this is to become a regular event. Although, the cost of food and drink is a bit offputting, Craig paid £15 for two hot dogs, a bottle of Stella and a large Coke.

All in all it hasn't been a great week. Craig bumped his car after a taxi driver caused a three car prang on a motorway roundabout. He was struggling to see the bright side and be grateful for not being hurt but I guess he's worrying about what it will cost. Also in the news... Freya had an incident report filled out at nursery for scratching another child, apparently unprovoked. It made us feel a little bit sick. We had a chat with her and told her how sad we both were, she got no stickers on her chart and therefore no weekend prize for her stickers. It was difficult to find the balance between addressing the problem and making her fee unnecessarily bad. Needless to say Craig chopped all her fingernails that night.

In the past few weeks our friends Jason and Jayn have emigrated to Canada, where Jayn is originally from. We had been meaning to catch up for a while but had to settle for seeing them the night before they left. We took a run out to the Trafford centre grabbed some lovely sushi and then headed over to Jayn's auntie's house for a brew and a goodbye. Although we didn't catch up that often, it was still sad. Maybe when the girls are older we'll get to go on a jolly to see them.

Here we are at Tim Yau's wedding. The photo was taken in order to show the clock in the background, which incidentally says 10.15, because we were the last at the wedding and the DJ asked if he could pack up.

With the weather finally perking up again, I may be able to do a post about our love seat soon... fingers crossed.

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