Saturday, 25 June 2011

Head gear.

I, like many others got this magazine through my door. I love it.

I really loved the look of the retro headscarf on the right. The head scarf was 'stylists own' and not available to purchase...bummer. I scoured eBay for something similar and found myself this vintage, one of kind, 100% silk scarf and got it for peanuts (makes you feel very smug).

Don't ask me where it shipped from, I don't want to talk about my carbon footprint. Just be happy for me because I love it. I am not glamorous in it, but it is super useful and it cheers me up no end.

As you can see, 1940's fever is spreading through the female fraternity in the house. With that in mind... I'm off to scrub the front step, although I should perhaps try separating the Gala Melon that looks like Peter Cushing's face from my fridge shelf.

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