Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding

After all the hype, the royal wedding had finally arrived. I have never been one for the monarchy and neither has Craig but I found myself increasingly carried away with the event. I have liked the way it has generated a sense of patriotism amongst people and have loved the vintage Union Jack theme that is just everywhere.

How to celebrate the free bank holiday? Despite our neighbours being a good bunch and our back street being a perfect venue, nobody (including myself) had organised a street party. Freya, on the other hand, had a garden party to attend at nursery with the proviso... she had to come dressed as a king or queen. Hence the get-up below. I ended up buying the cape as they had no purple 'velvet' at Hobbycraft. I also bought a snow queen crown but when it arrived it was super spikey and uncomfortable, so we went for a 'princess' party hat. The dress underneath isn't really queenish but red, white and blue instead.

We did a little lap round the neighbourhood so Freya could meet her subjects in the cold morning sunshine, then up to nanny's for a bit of jammy toast before nursery.

Not to be outdone, Edie was dressed in her posh Easter dress from Nanny Pat with matching headband.

Mum and Dad were originally away in the caravan but Mum had kindly come home to do some babysitting so I could sleep after a night. She was here for the wedding which worked out well because she might have missed it otherwise. I had champagne chilling but we decided on a good old fashioned cuppa made in a tea pot and drunk out of china cups.

Craig was being our 'Jenny Bond' for the day, googling how old everyone was and whom was related to whom. It was interesting to see all the guests and note that Samantha Cameron had no hat, the shame of it.

After the interesting bit was over, Edie went for a sleep while I made goat's cheese tarts, then we headed down to the nursery to join in the fun. Freya had had her face painted and was tucking into themed cupcakes when we arrived.

The party seemed to be over by the time we got there, the kids were all bouncy-castled out, nevermind I think Freya liked the three of us coming to her nursery and watching her play. A few of the other parents seemed to have left it late as well. We stayed for a little while then headed out to get ice cream at the park.

I was thinking that I could do with getting a little souveneir of this historical event but can't decide what...


I didn't want to go for the traditional gilded china mug. Hmmmm

Craig is cooking up a 'slimming world' storm in the kitchen whilst watching the film '127 Hours', I keep thinking "is this the incidental music that accompanies a man hacking his arm off with a blunt multi tool?"...glad I am not watching it.

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