Monday, 23 May 2011

I have been on a fitness 'kick'. After seeing the photo of myself with mum on the day of the royal wedding, I decided 'enough is enough'. I am now half a stone lighter and considerably fitter. The downside is that the house is messy and the blog has been a bit neglected. I think I should try and post once a week and schedule some time to do so.

For now, I will just share some photos and catch up. This photo is just to demonstrate how Edie is growing. She is now in the 'Davros-style' walker and quite proficient at shoving it down the hallway, although not quite strong enough to move it on the carpet yet. She has grown out of the swing chair, too chunky for it, which is a bit of a godsend on the excess furniture front. Here they both are in matching fleeces (Shame on me). I have got a bit of a thing for fleeces at the moment, they are so lightweight, easy to wash and dry and keep the kids nice toasty. I hate to think of them being cold. I have bought about four each (not all matching) off eBay.

Edie is also munching on toast after a bit of time on puree. Freya now has little friends at nursery and can count to ten. On the downside, she has developed irrational fears of smoke alarms and often has nightmares about the hoover coming to get her... I can't see that in my house she has had that much exposure to it.

As usual Freya is making me laugh. She was happily singing away the other day, "I'm a little teapot short and stout,  Here is my handle, here is my spout,  When I see the tea cups hear me shout..."  "Die!". Cucumbers are also proving a little too much for her language skills and they are currently concubas. Craig told Freya that she "couldn't divide and conquer" meaning she was unable to get something out of him when I had just told her "No", she whined back at him "I can't find a conker". I could go on...

The weather of late has been smashing. We managed to get out and enjoy a family picnic. Only half way up the hill, but still, the scenery is lovely. Hopefully, marching her up the hill will pave the way for Freya being an active child.

After this picnic, I decided to splurge on a new picnic basket and it has pissed down ever since. When we recently went away with Paul and Liz to the lakes they were very organised and pretty much made 'pack-up' everyday. This was absolutely the sensible thing to do because they have three children. We need to start thinking like that, as we usually wing it and pay a fortune in 'cafe prices'.

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