Friday, 29 April 2011


I decided to try my hand at a little easter decorating. This is my easter tree which anybody who is anybody has these days. Basically, fake pussy willow branches with blown eggs hanging off them. Pointless? Yes. Pretty? Yes and cheaper than buying bunches of flowers each week.


I can't take credit for the beautifully painted eggs, they are in fact Lakeland's egg wraps. After I had blown the eggs, (all six of them courtesy of a big carbonara cooked by Craig) you put them in a plastic 'sleeve' then dunk them in boiling water for 30seconds where they shrink and turn out like this. With six designs to choose from and twenty four in a pack, worth every over priced penny.

This next decoration was a willpower disaster. One Kilner jar filled with three large bags of Cadbury's mini-eggs topped with a couple of furry chicks. Time spent on the mantlepiece? Three days... shameful and not helpful to the morbid obesity crisis raging in our house. Sadly for the girls I may never attempt that idea again.

Here is a smaller less disastrous version. Lots of design blogs seemed to have pottery Easter bunnies filled with eggs and fake grass. This was the best that I could do. It doesn't quite look like the classy 'Pottery Barn' candy dish but I love these vintage finds from eBay. 

I have probably mentioned the Easter bonnet before, here it is before going off to nursery to be 'judged'. I misguidedly thought that it was brilliant and we may be in with a shot at the coveted prize but Craig informed that he saw much better ones made 'from scratch'- miaow. Having seen some of the other 'toddlers' Easter creations I may just throw in the towel now, that's the competitive spirit.

After sleeping most of the day on Easter Sunday (following a night shift) I got up to quickly knock this up before Freya got up. She is still too young to do this herself before you think I am a killjoy. Then, we set about creating her Easter egg hunt.

Firstly, to select the prize. I do love Lindt chocolate.

Using a scan of one of the pictures from my vintage picture blocks, we sorted the very simple instructions. I love vintage images like this, they border on scary but remain saccharine sweet, clever.

We told Freya that the Easter bunny had left her something in the garden, thankgod for sunshine.

Et voila... I only had to substitute one egg that got found and then sucked by Moomin.

The golden bunny was tucked in with our seed potatoes.

Nanny came down to catch the last of the hunt and a glass of wine in the sun. You can just see Craig in the rear of the shot fettling with our bank holiday project, that's for another post though.

The long weekend was finished off perfectly with a picnic in the park with Nicola and Elodie. Unfortunately, Nick was away in France grafting on the holiday home while we munched rillette sandwiches and cakes off colourful plastic plates in the park.

All in all a great Easter, made all the more wonderful by preceding the next bank holiday weekend for the Royal Wedding. The girls have loved having Craig around and Freya has come on in leaps and bounds, literally. She is climbing up vertical ladders, climbing onto the roundabout and holding on in what looks like 3G conditions. Glad she's not a ponce.

Still loving macro mode on the camera, incidentally.

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