Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring has Sprung.

The first day of lovely blue skies. We celebrated by hanging out some washing, planting some seeds and Edie enjoying an outdoor nap. I also got to mess around with the macro mode of the camera. Here is our Kilmarnock willow coming to life.

The lilac tree is also sprouting despite being severely hacked last year. It had been sick for a long time after being strangled by ivy for years. The flowers would appear and turn brown almost immediately and I had started to wonder why people raved about lilac trees. Hopefully we will enjoy some beautiful smelling blooms for longer this year.

We went to the garden centre at the weekend to spend a gift voucher that Craig was given nearly two years ago. I got some spring bulbs, I am hoping that they are a daffodil and crocus but who knows. Mum came with us so I trust her judgement.

We set up a little potting table and slapped on an apron. I am sure that Freya drowned and then mashed the seeds, so anything that grows is a bonus. We planted sunflowers, sweetpeas, chillis and herbs. I think that Freya just enjoyed playing with water and mud.

Freya's watering can is part of her Sponge Bob Square Pants bucket set that we bought in Greece. We considered leaving it behind but I am glad we dragged it home, she has got so much use out of it.

Just a picture of these cute mini tea chests that I found in the back of the garage years ago that I now use for seeds and markers.

As usual, Freya got bored after five minutes and decided to have a quick bounce on the trampoline.

Then, after tormenting the dog for a while, she settled down to cover the garden in chalk, she's no Dick van Dyke.

While all this was going on Edie was enjoying a sleep outside. I follow my mum's lead when it comes to baby naps, wrap them up in lots of blankets and let them sleep outside in the fresh air with birds tweeting above when you can. I am very jealous.

I am off to bed shortly, I am very tired. To make matters worse Edie and Freya have been on opposite schedules today. At one point Edie was grumbling no matter what I did and I felt like I was going to fall asleep standing up. Solution: put her in an inflatable doughnut in front of Independance Day and let Jerry Bruckheimer look after her for ten minutes, she loved it and I had a very short power nap. It's no substitute for an early night though.

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  1. Hi i just thought i would leave a comment ... i have been reading your blog at work today and really enjoyed it ... made me chuckle how kiddies say things, i remember my son saying his best was all wet lol