Friday, 18 March 2011

Random Pictures.

My blog comes together around the photos that I take as I go about my business. If I had time to post daily and just slotted the picutres in 'my diary' it would make more sense. Usually, I end up with a memory card full of shots that I need to group together and write a coherent post about. Consequently, I have  got a couple of pictures that I don't know how to put together, so here is some random waffling...

I saw this giant bengal tiger table and had to take a photo of it because it is wonderful in it's ugliness, I just wanted to share it with everybody. I love to imagine the house that it would fit into and the kind of person who would buy it... russian drug dealer's trophy wife sprang to mind. I am strangely drawn to it but I wonder if it's missed it's target market in a working class northern town.

I love writing and receiving letters and thought that I would indulge myself. The Cath Kidston paper is probably overpriced but I love it and it is probably the only thing of hers that I can afford right now. Parker vector fountain pens are just the best. I must admit I have never tried Mont Blamc but what you don't know you can't miss. I hate anyone using my nib though, I have a particular way of writing and can tell if anyone has used my pen, it gets really scratchy. I used to sit next to a girl, Katie Tyler, at secondary school, who used to give me her fountain pens for two weeks to break them in for her because she liked the way mine wrote. First letter on the agenda was a letter to Paul and Liz to say thanks for a great time away. It's on the list of things to do.

This is the picture on my Ideal Home calendar (for february obviously). I love it. It makes me want to tidy up and be domestic. It is hard to stay motivated when you are operating a triage system in your once clean home. Craig and I are currently doing full days from 7 till 7, childcare and Craig's job. I am also back to work two nights a week now. We come down after putting the girls to bed, Craig cooks a meal from scratch, I clean the kitchen and make the bottles up for tomorrow. We eat, then if I have any energy left I will do an hour of ironing... needless to say my house does not look like this picture. However, my family are happy and if I got cancer would I give shit how clean my skirting boards were or would I be mad about time that I wasted? There is a happy medium which I will probably achieve when the girls go to school!

Anyway must go... chinese getting cold on the side and the wine is starting to go to my head with nothing lining my stomach.

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