Thursday, 31 March 2011

Are you chitting...? Are you asking?

For my stirling work in the field of motherhood, I was awarded a couple of child-free hours. I decided, after a little rest and and some magazine browsing, to make a start on the garden. Other blogs have photos of cath kidston bunting and beautiful spring flowers, I bring you desolate pots filled with plastic children's toys. It will get better.

I have never been confident with gardening and unlike the interior of the house I have no vision but with Freya being so excited and curious about nature I really want to create an interesting, vibrant garden this year. I had already bought seed potatoes and packets of seeds, so it was just a case of getting my act together.

Growing potatoes involves 'Chitting' which is getting the eyes to sprout to a certain length before planting. Here are my potatoes languishing in the greenhouse/ back porch. Alan Titchmarsh makes no mention of how to protect the seed potatoes from their natural predator... the toddler. The ones that don't have their eyes poked out will be going in a grow bag soon.

The two yoghurt pots at the back are pumpkins, one for each of the girls in time for halloween is the plan.

The other seed trays have sweet peas, two varieties of sunflower and the 'Chef's Selection' which Freya helped me plant, when I say helped I mean squashed the seeds and over-watered. The only things that are growing from the Chef's selection are tarragon and coriander. At first it was only tarragon, a flavour that I hate, I thought I was going to be eating fish all summer. Luckily, the coriander has sprung to life. We eat tonnes for the stuff after Craig persuaded me to try it a few years ago.

Watch this space. I also have a chilli hanging basket project underway but that will have to wait for another post as I have to clean, clean, clean because I have big sister and big brother to stay this weekend. Going to be fun but house could do with some titivation.

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