Thursday, 10 February 2011

Retail Therapy.

I have discovered yet another wonderful blog called 'Curlew Country'. The woman who writes there has a real thing for vintage; tablecloths, teacosies, children's ladybird books and crochet afghans. I fell in love with her stuff. This led me to buying some vintage gubbins of my own, despite needing to find the money for our planned holidays this year which include a short break to the lakes with Paul and Liz,  the usual family break in Carnforth and a trip to Normandy for Barry and Katie's seventieth. The good thing with vintage shopping is that it doesn't necessarily cost you a lot of money, the downside is that it is nearly always stuff  you can do without. Case in point, a job lot of vintage hankies that I am now the proud owner of.

They do look oh so pretty and seeing as I am going to spend the next couple of years wiping snot, I might as well do it in a bit of style but obviously not a necessity. Then I got to looking at retro books and toys. I have won an auction for some vintage picture blocks as they vividly remind me of my childhood.

The rabbit is a little 'Donnie Darko' but I love the retro look. I then had a quick browse through some vintage ladybird books and decided to get some for the girls, ones that I fondly remember. I picked five and got the Magic Porridge Pot to  represent Craig's childhood reading. My five books were The Old Woman and her Pig, Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Princess and the Pea and Snow White and Rose Red.

The last book is something that will always remind me of my sister Becky. We used to say that we were like Snow White and Rose Red because we were different. Becky has beautiful thick dark hair compared to my fine, wavy light brown hair. Becky was more of a tomboy and into horses, where I was a girly girl and liked painting my nails. I have been looking for a copy of the book for years, for sentiments sake.

I am waiting for an embroidered tablecloth auction to finish and then I will call it a day, enough with the vintage. My next purchase was bang up to date and hopefully, totally worth every penny. A sleep trainer night light.

We don't know whether it is because she has been ill, because she has a new sibling or the stress of starting nursery but our perfect sleeper Freya has started waking up in the middle of the night crying. Last night she was crying at 02.30 because she couldn't find Pan, I went to her, gave her Pan and was just about to tell her to go to sleep when Freya said "Go to Sleep". So there is hope, she knows it's early and she understands what is expected of her. My action plan is to give her a night light, which surprisingly she has never needed but it will help her locate her rabbit companion. The clock that I am looking at has a clock face divided into two halves with a sheep sleeping in one half and awake in the other and the optional alarm is a rooster which according to the reviews kids find a hoot.

Damn you Paypal, you make it all too easy.

As I have written this post Craig continues to build his 'mine'. He is completely obsessed with the game 'Mine Craft' even going so far as to watch other peoples 'mine crafting' on YouTube.

It took me a while to get my head around the  Sinclair ZX Spectrum graphics but Craig assures me that it is a very complex game. I have just had a brief tour round the 'crop room' and been shown what can only be described as patio doors. I joked that it would be funny in summer when our real garden is bare but his mine has an abundant crop... it was a nervous laugh. 

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  1. I don't necessarily think that Minecraft is 'complex'. More that it is vast, and with quite a number of simple rules, well implemented.

    I guess a good analogy in the real world would be an enormous warehouse made of and full of solid blocks of Lego, where all the best bits for making your own creations are inside the already constructed areas. Find some funky bits and make your own creations with them in a space that you have cleared. It's good fun, there's lots to discover, though searching for the best bits can be a bit tedious if taken to extremes (i.e. mining in a tree shape to optimise searching for diamonds!)

    /Craig :-)