Thursday, 17 February 2011

By the Rivers of Babylon

Did I say Babylon? I meant snot. Both Edie and Freya are streaming with the stuff. Unfortunately, it is Thursday and Freya is too sick to go to nursery thus continuing the pattern of one week in one week out. Craig hit the nail on the head when he mused that it must be really disappointing for me on Thursday when I am prepared for a relatively easy day just looking after Edie and then 'Ker-blammo' I end up with a poorly, grouchy Freya to look after too. Yup.

It has been another hard day but we did get to eat PB, and J sandwiches outside. The previous sentence seems sarcastic but I swear, it is 'wearing' even though I love them dearly, small kids are just so egocentric. Plus, wiping two noses every five minutes for twelve hours, you do the math...


Here is our wonderful spring day picnic, bloody freezing but considering Freya's temperature was 38.8C at this point, it won't have done her any harm. Pan looks resplendent in the sun. She is beautiful and clean, take a good look, it will be two seconds before she has been covered in snot, jam, paint and compost. It is always a little traumatic giving her a 'bath'. Freya initially plays along and even puts her in the washing machine but twenty minutes into the hour long cycle and she starts melting down. I guess you wouldn't expect anything else from a toddler.

The roses on the table are from Becky to cheer me up after texting me at a low point this week. Thankyou big Sis. Its funny, the little things that can brighten your day. Rainbow coloured plastic 'flatware'. I bought a load from IKEA.

Craig and I have just had a discussion about this term. He feels that it should be crockery but I think this implies a ceramic/ porcelain product. He hates me using Americanisms, I can't for the life of me think of the one we always fall out over, it might be appendectomy.

Anyway, its quarter past eleven- kitchen cleaned, bottles made up and house in order ready for the rumpus to start again tomorrow.

Just a little aside about words that Freya is struggling with. We are starting to get 'Biscuit' and 'Basket' from 'Bistick' and 'Bastick'. 'Hitomopamus' has occasionally been replaced by the correct word but 'Punge' is apparently a thing you wash with.

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