Monday, 31 January 2011

Yummy Curry.

We have had a busy weekend, well we always have a busy weekend but we have been out as well. On the Saturday afternoon we took Mooms out to the park and got a chance to test drive Freya's beautiful birthday coat- thanks aunty Becky., before heading off. It was Nic's birthday this weekend so we joined them and Becky and James for a take away on Saturday night.

The kids all sat down to tea at five. I think this ended up being really stressful for Nic, as Elodie wasn't eating all that well and they were locked in a power struggle. When all the hullabaloo died down and no one was paying attention she sneaked back, sat on James' knee and ate a yoghurt- illustrating the fact that the harder you push the more toddlers dig their heels in.

Once the kids were down, after a long queue for the bath, we sat down for a well deserved drink. The boys went off to get the curry in James's new fancy Renault Megane. When we had arrived, I didn't recognise the car but looking at the fog lights and serious alloys, I guessed that it was theirs. They are even going away to a hotel in Wales near the road where they test drive cars for 'Top Gear'.

It was really nice to catch up with the girls and the cava was sinking rather nicely. We exchanged pressies, this is what we got Nic.

The curry was delicious, I got a chicken dansak with boiled rice as that is allowed on Slimming World- damage limitation. Craig had a curry that tasted like Worcestershire sauce crisps while Becky's tasted and smelled like coconut face cream but the food didn't spoil the evening.

Next morning we had miscalculated the amount of formula we needed so Nic kindly went to the local shop to get Edie some milk to enable us to have a lazy morning full of bacon sandwhiches and coffee. Nic and I vowed to help each other out with babysitting in the future as Nic and Nick seem frazzled at the moment and could probably do with a good break.

I am really excited my milk has nearly all gone and I have been looking at lingerie online, will have to get some for Valentine's day!

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