Monday, 24 January 2011

Simple Pleasures.

Being on Maternity leave from a job that involves shifts doesn't prevent you getting "that Sunday feeling". I think that stems from being a kid and not wanting to go back to school. The weather was grey and miserable, I'd put the girls to bed and Craig was cooking all our dishes for the next week, Slimming world lasagne, soup and salmon rice. Moomin hadn't had a walk yet.

 I knew that I would need to do it and it felt like a real chore. Nevertheless, I put Katy Perry's Album on my MP3 player, wrapped up warm with walking boots, gaiters, coat and hat and set off with the pooch.

I had a whale of a time. I walked along past the stables, cut up across the horse field and across the moor to come back down through the top park. It was really invigorating. I have spent the last three years waddling around in various stages of anaemia and pregnancy and I finally feel that I am getting the spring in my step back. The music was great, the wind was bracing and Moomin had a glorious time. This picture is actually on Holy island but you get the idea.

Up on the moor, when no-one else was around, I even indulged in a bit of air-guitar to 'Waking up in Vegas'. I hadn't had so much fun in ages. I thoroughly recommend this activity to everyone and if you don't have a dog- borrow one.

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