Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Fresh Start

I got so behind trying to write my long posts about Christmas that loads of other stuff has happened in the meantime. My thought is to do a quick update then try to jot something down everyday, I guess all bloggers think that.

New year was a bit of an anticlimax. We spent all day packing with the plan of going to spend the evening in Sheffield with Becky, James, Archie, Nic and Nick. Freya had been suffering with loose stools for a few days which we weren't too concerned about, then all of a sudden it got a whole lot worse. We soul searched all day and after Craig packed our mountain of provisions in the car, Freya exploded with foul green poo...we decided not to go.

It was very disappointing as we had been looking forward to it and we had been feeling a bit cooped up over the past few weeks. We settled the kids to bed, ordered a pizza, cracked open the booze and watched Jools Holland. It was a lovely evening and lucky Mooms got to spend it with us. Craig popped up to check Freya at 2am, whilst we were enjoying an eighties Top of the Pops. He found her swimming in Brocolli vomit. A quick clean up and back to bed. An hour later, same again, this time she had to have all new bedding, bath and hairwash- the joys of parenthood. I spent the rest of the night on her floor in case of a further Mama Cass incident.

Craig felt that the above occurance was probably pay-back for being a smug git on Facebook and telling the world that Edie is sleeping through seven till seven, not that he believes in Karma. Thankgod for Gina Ford.

Edie being settled gave me the energy and the will to deal with Freya's illness and disturbed nights. Unfortunately, the diarrhoea scuppered our plans of Freya starting Nursery. She missed her first week. Not only did I miss out on lovely toddler-free days, I ended up cleaning carpets of vomit, washing poo stained clothes and we paid nursery £66 for the privilege.

She has also been going through a daddy stage at the moment and being poorly has exacerbated that. The first day that Craig went back to work after Christmas, she was distraught, screaming to the point of sickness. The separation anxiety has got better and we can now have an upbeat conversation as to where daddy is and why the weekends are so good because "Daddy no go to work". Hopefully, winding down breastfeeding will enable our time to be shared more equally between the two. It is a bit Daddy and Freya versus Mummy and Edie at present.

Nursery started the following week. I decided to pick her up at lunchtime on the first day. Craig said she was crying when he left so I am  glad he did it and not me. When I collected her she seemed calm and happy, not clawing at my legs. Apparently she had been sad for an hour or so but had got into the swing of things and even had a bit of a kip on Briony her 'key worker'. So far, so good. I decided to send her for the full day next time.

Freya's first full day at nursery was a revelation. I felt like I had more time than I knew what to do with. I likened it the old lady in a 'Squash and a Squeeze' one of Freya's books. She thinks she has no room until a wise old man tells her to bring her animals in one by one, "Take in my goat! What a curious plan". When she boots them all out she is content with her little house.

I felt like I was so busy before I had kids but now just sending one of them off for a day lets me appreciate how much time I have got. I cleaned up, power walked Mooms with Edie then headed off for a haircut and to buy some jeans that fit over my arse instead of flashing my bum to all and sundry especially important now I am bending down to be a toddler level all the time.

I did feel a little sad that Freya was away but reminded myself that we really want her to socialise, have friends and play at nursery. I needed some time off too as my life was beginning to feel all kids, kids, kids.

I hadn't really considered how it would affect other people but my mum had been really upset thinking that Freya would be all alone, dumped in a strange place and not knowing why. She text me to ask if she could come down and see the place. I said surely she must have done this with us as kids but it turns out that mum arranged her working life around not sending us away... big softie. I hoped she would love Riverside as much as we do.

Freya wasn't distraught when we got there (Thankgod) but did start to panic a bit when we hung around to chat to Briony, she kept repeating "Freya get coat". I think she'll survive nicely... Freya not Mum.

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