Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The wonder of Freya

Freya seems to have taken Edie's arrival into her stride. We keep expecting a jealous tantrum, which hasn't materialised yet. The only time you can see her eyes flash is when she has to share Nanny and Grandad. She talks about Edie a lot and says "Love Edie", she is always keen to kiss her goodnight and apart from toy and blanket stealing I think it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Having Edie has made us appreciate Freya more because she is so interesting compared to Edie who cries and sleeps at present. Freya has developed an obsession with breakfast cereal and constantly runs to the cupboard to steal large handfuls of Sugar Puffs or Cheerios. If she is caught by surprise she may grab the wrong box and have to put up with a handful of All Bran (not enjoyed by anyone but left over from our slimming world cake days!) The other day whilst on the the changing table she snatched an unidentified object and stuffed it in her mouth. She then informed me in a very sorry way that it was "Poo, not Cheerio" I dread to think how she knows what poo tastes like.

I have been considering the idea of potty training Freya as she seems very ready. She had an attempt the other day but ran round and round and finally pooed in the hall. Thank goodness for Amtico and Simple Solution enzyme cleaner. Nevertheless, we made a big fuss and put the poo in the potty and then trooped upstairs to put it in the loo. She can identify when she needs to go so I had a look at trusty Gina Ford and Freya fitted the criteria for training, however, it stated not to bother if there had been a big life change in the last month-Hello! I have contented myself with slowly gathering all the things we will need for attempting it in January. I would like to do it before I go back to work in March. I have my potties and Aunty Sally has got her some really cute Charlie and Lola knickers for Christmas, just need some other bits and a reward chart.

Freya's behaviour has taken a bit of a dive and we have had to start using Jo Frost's naughty step technique. Both Craig and myself are not against a rap on the back of legs if really necessary but this technique seems to really work so far and it keeps you from getting mad. She has also regressed a bit by peeing when we take her nappy off- even Edie has grown out of that habit.

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