Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Stand and Deliver

It's official...I am no longer pregnant.

My due date was initially the 26th of October, this was then revised to the 28th after my third scan. When the 26th came and went, I was so disappointed and thought that I would be unable to bare 'going-over' and experiencing the horror that is a 'membrane sweep'. On the 27th, I waddled round the park and took myself to Sainsburys to do the heaviest shop possible. By the time I got back from the shop- I was feeling quite unwell, nothing specific but definitely not sparkly. I went to bed that night planning strategies for the next day.

At 0400 I awoke with a pain that I put down to just being uncomfortable in bed, when the pain went and then came back, taking my breath away with it, I knew. I had had weeks of false starts, thinking 'shall I tell Craig not to go to work?, shall I send Freya to mums? Shall I clean the kitchen?- I needn't have worried, you can't mistake labour. I went and cleaned the bath of all the bath crayon, see below. (Freya really loves the bath crayons but it does kind of spoil a nice clean bathroom.)

I ran a nice warm bath, lit my coconut candle (not my favourite smell but I couldn't justify buying a Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle for £40) and tried to relax with my ipod in. I lasted for about an hour in the bath and even tried using Bejewelled as effective distraction/pain relief in labour with limited effect. I then felt the need for a shower which lasted about half an hour. By the time I had finished faddling in the bathroom my contractions were every two minutes- time to get Craig up. The rest is history and detailed in Craig's post.

It felt wonderful to be relaxing in our clean bedroom, munching toast and party rings washed down with tea whilst Edie slept and we watched Iron Man 2, I would thoroughly recommend a home birth.

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