Saturday, 20 November 2010


Running slightly behind with the blog obviously...

We had a lovely Halloween considering Edie was only 4 days old. It is really important to me that Freya's life stays as normal (and fun) as possible now that her little sister has arrived. We wanted to 'do something' to mark the occasion, that meant carving a couple of pumpkins between feeds on Saturday. Seems a little mad when you are supposed to rest when the baby rests not hollow out seasonal vegetables.

Craig did his in the afternoon when Becky had popped round to meet the new arrival and I got mine done whilst we watched the Amityville horror with Craig's parents in the evening. I chose a 'first pumpkin' design as Freya had had one.

Craig did a wizard design as seen on the right and my dad chose one called 'Bat-tle Axe'.

I thought that the evening was going to be low key, a chance to show nanny and grandad Freya's costume and compare pumpkins.

Freya's pumpkin princess dress was only £7 from Tesco accesorised up with a hat et voila.

The evening turned out to be a real success. Mum had a laid on a fine 'spread' for the trick or treaters to which we added a couple of bags of iced gems (Sainsbury's was devoid of sweets by the time we went shopping for them). We lit the candles and pumpkins and settled down to watch Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'. It struck me that the little boy's parents getting killed in the first few chapters of the book just wouldn't do in today's politically correct society where children's books have to be full of benal happy crap. I recently paid £50 on Ebay to get all the original Far Away Tree books as somebody has decided that Enid Blyton is a little too hardcore for our little ones. Both Dame Slap and Fanny got the axe in the new version- crazy. Anyway, I digress.

Mum took Freya down the street in her slippers and they even called in on a house and Freya got her first treat. She was made up with the idea that she could knock on a someone's door and come away with chocolate. This is how nanny and grandad's house looked from the outside, very inviting to the armies of kids. The knocking began...


We took Freya to answer the door, she always wanted someone with her for reassurance "Daddy help... or Grandad help..." but she really enjoyed seeing the other boys and girls cotumes. She was particularly pleased with the skeletons as she knows that word (thanks to the book 'Funny Bones' by Allan Alhberg) She was also being quite sneaky and eating from the bowls of sweets that were kept near the door- how much she actually ingested we'll never know. All the excitment and sugar had her saying 'Trick or Treat' over and over with a huge smile on her face.

All in all, a great first Halloween. One of the trick or treater's mums reminded us that next year we would be trawling round the streets rather than being tucked up warm. 

The evening was made complete when I went in to Freya next morning to find that she had vomited chocolate and grapes all over her cotbed. Ah well, it was worth it. We just jumped in the bath together before Edie and daddy got up.

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