Friday, 15 October 2010

Getting our craft on.

I have been feeling rather crafty of late. Justine sent us a picture that William had done for Freya and some Christmas paper chains to make together. Jussie seems to do loads of cool stuff with William. 

Couple this with sitting at the craft table at Wellybob's Farm and getting my Toddler's Busy Book through from Amazon, made me think that we should be doing more sticking, painting, molding etc together. So we trotted off to The Range and spent a small fortune on gubbins- fortuitously the weather has also broken, so we now have lots of rainy day stuff to do. I also bought a scrap book to keep all the kid's art work in, I have already got pictures from William and Aimee to store.

The craft bug doesn't only extend to our house. Mum has been very busy. I found this free 'berry hat' pattern online and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it had American jargon and required circular needles and all other kinds of hassles but I think it is the most fabulous thing ever- well done mum.

I spent £15 on the hat below from a website last year (unfortunately it got lost on the moors). I think mum's hats for the baby and Freya are far superior- she needs to start up a little business!

Mum has also finished off my marathon 2 year knitting project. This yellow and lilac baby receiving blanket. There are a lot of man hours gone into that, I can tell you. She also tidied up a scarf that I knitted and made a raspberry coloured cloche hat for Freya.

The cloche hat is wonderful and makes Freya look like Victoria plum. It accessories her cheapo Tesco coat nicely. Shame she is out walking with me in black velour sweatpants, wellies and t-shirts that don't quite fit, too young to be embarrassed hopefully.

Not to be outdone by mum- I finally got round to making a poster for my rough routine of what happens in a day (after baby arrives). I remember from last time that some days you are so tired that you can barely remember your own name let alone who's been fed what and when. It seems crazy but it should help.

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