Saturday, 23 October 2010

Can you feel the force?

I am spending the evening watching Craig play on his new Star Wars game for the PS3. It is a great pass-time because although I enjoy watching, I don't actually have the patience to play myself. My favourite games to watch are the Resident Evil, zombie mangling games but Craig gets too spooked to play them late at night. The adrenaline stops him sleeping. Being an observer also provides me with the opportunity to trawl the internet looking at craft sites and other people's blogs.

Tonight, I have also done a little bit of shopping. I have ordered some new Christmas decorations from Next. I have stacks but it is nice to get something new every year. I just love this rug for the kids room. It's the kind of thing that you won't find again- so I snapped it up!

I want the place to be well decorated this year because we are entertaining again. You want everybody to feel festive.

I also got chance to look at the Martha website for some Halloween projects to keep me occupied over the next week. These are the three I have selected...

Chocolate cupcakes with impossibly difficult icing.

These clothespin bats seem nice and easy, can be pinned in Freya's room and she loves pegs.

I don't know whether I will get round to this, but it will give me the impetus to clean and polish the front door. I love a good wreath.

On the baby front, I am continuing to make everyone's life a misery by whinging. I went to see the midwives on Friday- she grabbed the baby's head and shook it like a dog, then proceeded to tell me that the head wasn't engaged. I thought "Well it bloody isn't now!" So that's a bit disappointing. Still uncomfortable- worst of all I have ripped through my only remaining pair of maternity jeans like the incredible hulk. Bless them, they just couldn't take the strain any longer. I have vowed to go out as little as possible then I can sit around in my Maxi summer dress like Gilbert Grape's mother. Oh well, one spicy Kung Po chicken, a whole pineapple and cup of raspberry leaf tea later... I have indigestion.

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