Friday, 15 October 2010

The Autumn Blues

The weather has changed dramatically in the last few days. What was unseasonably warm and dry is now cold and tipping down with rain. The change in weather has made me pretty miserable or maybe it's hormone levels falling in preparation for D-day. Either way, all my get up and go is gone. Luckily, Craig has been great, helping me keep on top of the house, mum has helped me keep up with Freya and Freya still has her sunny moments despite the new battle that is teeth brushing. I have been online for advice and we are currently using a mirror and mum and dad are brushing theirs at the same time with lots of praise and songs.

I am trying all I can to expedite the little one's arrival. I have consumed large quantities of fresh pineapple. These have a chemical Bromelin in, which apparently has 'moving-things-on' effects. The scientist in me knows that apparently you would have to eat the equivalent of seven fresh pineapples a day to produce clinically significant levels but - 'every little helps' eh? It does give me the excuse to use a really fabulous kitchen gadget. The pineapple preparing thingy from Vacuvin that I got from Lakeland Limited.

Here you see the simplicity of the thing- it's just two bits of plastic, like a cork screw.

So you lop the top off then screw the 'thingy' to the bottom of the pineapple and pull out a continuous ring of pineapple.

No need to chop off the outer skin or the hard core in the middle. The whole thing is done in 45 seconds ish. Fabulous- have I sold you on it yet? Anyway, the gadget does make it easier to get fresh pineapple into your diet. This is also washed down with raspberry leaf tea that is supposed to kick start things.

On Tuesday, I had an hour of contractions seven minutes apart but after getting myself, sorry, sending Craig to the fridge to get me a glass of white wine and settling down to watch Masterchef- they disappeared. I was a bit panicky at first thinking 'Can I really manage at home- It is pretty painful' but I just tried to relax and 'strapped on a pair'. I was actually disappointed when I realised that they were fading but it did mean that I could enjoy the rest of Professional Masterchef. Craig and I just love Michel roux Jnr. and Monica Galetti, his right hand woman. We always imagine Gregg Wallace getting a hard time for being a mere green grocer.

It was odd thinking of what would happen with Freya. It was ten o clock at night... do we phone my mum, so she can have her stay over or just crack on and hope that she sleeps through. I'd have to let mum know anyway- she'd be mad if we didn't. Last time she was still up at 4am to phone the hospital to ask what was going on!

I had a midwife appointment today and told them my story thinking that they would be impressed and perhaps give me an exam but they were unimpressed and didn't. We discovered that the baby doesn't like me being on my back- his heart rate was slowing when I was on the couch and improving when I flicked onto my side. I will have to start being careful how I sleep. Surely that's a sign that the accommodation is now a little small. Time to move on baby.

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