Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Accident free.

We can proudly announce that we have had three whole days without an accident.

As a parent you do seem to spend an awful lot of time dreaming up terrible scenarios and how to prevent them. I have always been a bit nervous about my GHD straighteners as they do heat up to 300 degrees. I always store them out of the way. This week I was actually using them and Freya sneaked up in front of me and stuck her thumb on the plate. She was miserable as you can imagine but coped very well with me holding her hand under cold water for 15 minutes. During this time she sobbed about chocolate, Pan and phoning Piggle. She ended up with a nasty blister and a second degree burn. I felt horrible.

The very next day, she 'went for a Burton' down our stairs. She fell from the second to top step after climbing the stairs with Craig. I heard her clattering down the stairs before hitting with a thud at the bottom. She now has 'sore legs' to add to her 'sore thumb'. She was limping when she finally got up and about. Are we actually qualified to look after this child? I ordered a children's first aid book from Amazon on Thursday and two accidents later, it's still not here.

On Saturday we decided to take the girls to the Entwistle for their walk. Freya made it round the three miles using various modes of transport, tricycle, walking and dad. A triathlon event. It was fabulous to see that the water levels are almost back to normal. We even discovered a cormorant making eyes at the giant Heron sculpture.

On Sunday we met up with the Mannings, who wanted to try out the new petting zoo, Wellybob's Farm. The farm just opened in August with government grant money. It's only down the road- a five minute drive. The place was very clean and new looking. I had worn my wellies but actually, the farm was probably cleaner than our back garden. It seems really well organised but will benefit from more people and revenue coming in.

Among the list of creatures was Alpaccas, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and chickens. Freya's favourite seemed to be the chickens. If we weren't about to increase the family, I would like to get a chicken but I think at the moment we have enough going on! Although, these eglu things are quite tempting...

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