Saturday, 11 September 2010

Taking Carrots for a Walk.

At about four in the afternoon, Freya usually becomes bored... she's played with her toys, we have done an activity for the day and she's just kicking about. Mum has a lovely way of rescuing the situation by walking Freya up to see the horses that live at the end of their lane. She takes a carrot with her...if they don't see any horses this carrot travels all the way there and back to the fridge.

One of the people they often see on their travels is Fred, our next door neighbour from Belgrave, with his horse 'Murphy'. He is always so pleased to see Freya and likes her to stroke Murphy, although I think she's often a bit intimidated by Murphy's size. Fred's sister Beryl often walks her dog 'Rags' up to the stables to see them too.

It's funny really, we never really had anything to do with Fred and Beryl. Beryl used be really surly if any mail got delivered to their house- knocking seven bells out of the door and then wordlesslessly chucking the parcel at you. It all changed when Moomin arrived, Beryl just fell in love with her and not long after, got 'Rags' her beautiful Jack Russell bitch. Mooms and Rags have always got along really well. Since then we are chatty with Beryl and even offered to drive Beryl to hospital when Fred was taken in a year or so ago. Ah, the healing power of animals.

Anyway, back to Freya and mum strolling to the stables. When we asked Freya what this was she said...'horses car!' Can't argue with that I guess, although it does conjure images of the horses actually driving...

'Tis the season for Blackberries, or Brambles as my northern companion would have us believe. Freya loves the berries. Nanny usually selects the juicy, shiny black ones. In the meantime, using sleight of hand, Freya has to stuffed as many shriveled brown maggoty berries in her mouth. We are just happy that Freya seems to have a love of all food...even windfall.

The only unfortunate thing about these outings is the proximity of the horse field, which for Mooms is too much to bear. She takes herself off and rolls in any old shite that she can find. This results in an impromptu dunking in Freya's bath-otherwise Craig couldn't have sat in the same room as her.

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