Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Not Really a Makeover- Just a Tidy Up.

On my big list of things to do before the baby arrives was, sort out the nursery. I was saying to Craig that I remember having a giant list of things to do before Freya arrived... where do these random tasks come from? Craig's reply was something about 'entropy blah blah' (can't remember) My vacuum packing, organising and printing label days are nearly done... pretty much everywhere is done. We just have random gubbins to sell on eBay now. It would be good to get a bit of extra cash to go towards the double buggy.

Here is the nursery before and after...

The cot was full of junk and the base needed putting back up to full height. My wonderful eBay mobile got treated to fresh batteries and is ready to rock. Unfortunately, there is the monitor back again!

The rest of the room was kind of like an attic, where things get left because you are not quite sure if and when you will need them again. Freya's pop up cot was out because Elodie had been over for an afternoon sleep. All the soft toys went for a spin in the washer. Only what is useful is out now.

Just a state really, but then after several hours of sorting, dumping and damp dusting... et voila! I have tried to make it less pink and a little more blue just in case. The nappy stacker has my terry nappies in and that black bag holds my new breast pump. I can think of better things to spend £190 quid on but it will be going on eBay to fund my new cocktail habit in 4 months or so (I kept the original box especially!

Tidy nursery- Check.

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