Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I Can Breathe Again.

I have noticed today that I can take a full lung full of air. I assume that the baby has dropped, despite still looking the size of a house. I even managed to run up our stairs- It felt great. I can't wait to get back on the treadmill. I have traded the shortness of breath for abdominal discomfort but I really don't care. The end is now in sight.

Some of the girls from work came over today which was a real pick me up. Emily and Amelia (9 months), Kate and Ruby (4 years) and Lisa and William (7 months). It was nice to chat to real working mothers who aren't all 'baby, baby, baby'. Although they do put me to shame. Emily is starting a degree module online tonight. Kate is upping her hours at work to full time. Lisa has enough to cope with four children, one with Aspergers, a 30 hour working week and a hobby rescuing chickens.

Emily made me feel better as she told me that she is not going to any mother and baby groups either as she thinks they are 'all arseholes'. Both Emily and Kate have family nearby just like me - they agreed that there never seems to be time to fit those things in anyway. Freya was great today with having all the extra people around. She played nicely with Ruby and was gentle with the babies. She was a little bit distressed at the sharing side of things but that is par for the course.

She did kick off at being told 'no more fairy cakes' she wailed with real tears for about fifteen minutes- I was proud of myself as I put up with it and tried to distract her till it passed. You can see how that can wear parents down, Em said she would have given in ten minutes earlier! She's gotta learn that's not how you get things in life (Freya not Emily!). The empty cake cases are modeled by the Strawberry Shortcake doll that Emily bought for Freya. Even Craig noticed that she has got a lot hotter since we were kids.

We went up to see Nanny and Gaga after sleeps (hers and mine) to find that mum is still struggling with her stomach and had a bad night. Wish that there was something we can do practically to help...have to have a think.

It's half seven... I have just shampooed the front room carpet. It's a job that has needed doing for a while what with Moomin chewing bones and Freya mashing rusks and chocolate milk in to it. The task was pushed up my to do list by Freya pouring a pint of Coke on to it at bedtime- ah well, done now! The question is what do I do with the rest of my evening? Washing and Ironing, sorting out my picture frame display for the stairwell, organise the nursery or sit on my arse in front of the fire? Answers on a postcard.

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