Thursday, 2 September 2010

Herding Cats.

I think the point of a diary is that you jot down your thoughts in the evening before you go to bed, clearing your mind etc. I haven't quite managed to do that- I am always a couple of days behind. With that in mind, here's how Sunday was...

I got home from my last shift to find Craggy up and cooking my favourite breakfast, also requested by Becky: American style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. It is seriously the breakfast of kings (probably Henry the eighth judging by the amount of fat and calories). It's not a breakfast that you would have regularly due to the faff of cooking and the cost. Last time Craig bought maple syrup from Sainsbury's he discovered that ml for ml it is cheaper to buy Jack Daniels. That would be a whole other breakfast...

Over breakfast we made plans for the day. Becks was travelling back to Dundee as Serge was coming home from a stag do in Prague. Craig seemed less thrilled at my suggestion of him going to the local boot fair. He was right in saying that it is more my thing than his but... suck it up, Freya needs a bike. Craig's friend Lee had told him this very week that if you want children's toys go to the boot fairs.

After saying my farewells to Becks managed to drag myself to bed finally, 25hrs after getting up. Becky managed to leave lots of stuff as usual, this time she remembered a chiminea but forgot her tablets. Least she will be warm in the garden as her health fails!

Despite their only being six cars at the car boot, Craig found exactly what we wanted. It is a little tricycle with a handle for pushing, a safety strap for wobbly toddlers and it was only a tenner. When I got up, we decided to kill a few birds with one stone; test drive the bike, check the water level at the Entwistle and walk our podgy pooch.

This turned out to be a lovely walk. Its so nice when all the family are happy, a lot of the time someone's not happy i.e. the dog has to stay home when we go to the shops, Freya gets bored when I am doing the chores and I pull my hair out when I am having to do everything for Freya and the dog. For us all to be happy is rare occasion.

I called this post 'herding cats' because that is how Craig described walking with a toddler. Apparently, it is an old phrase meaning something is difficult but I thought it summed up walking with Freya nicely (and quite literally).

Time to take a nap with 'The Doctor'...

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