Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Handmade by Tricia

Mum continues to be busy knitting and has just finished her latest creation, a small white cardigan for the new baby.

The new cardigan is adorned with one of the personalised labels that I ordered from the internet after reading 'The Thrift Book' which has a huge section on handmade gifts. I just love them. They may come in handy, me and mum have decided that we are going to have more of a homemade Christmas and have even started watching Kirstie Alsopp's 'Homemade Christmas' (in September). I made chilli jam and cookie mixes for friends last year because Craig wasn't working and it was probably the most satisfying gift giving that I have had for a while.

Mum knitted so much stuff for Freya that I don't really need anything for the baby at the moment. I even have blue blankets and a blue cardigan from last time because we were convinced that Freya was a boy. We joke that I have got a cardigan that keeps growing with her. It's a little cotton number that is stretching in the wash. She first wore it when I was ten weeks pregnant and it is still too big for her this week. I think that I will pack the new cardigan in my hospital bag.

Craig and I went into the loft to liberate all the newborn baby clothes. I was really disappointed to see that it was all pink. I obviously didn't keep the cheapy unisex stuff that I bought last time. Back to good old ebay to get some white sleepsuits. Finally packing the bag will be exciting.

I am off to see the consultant for my antenatal appointment tomorrow. I hope to find out if I can have a home birth. I have been referred because I have some fibroids which apparently put me at higher risk of post partum haemorrhage. I am not a hippie and am more than happy to accept medical opinion. I have tried to prepare myself for disappointment by promising myself a new 'weekender' bag to take into hospital with me if I do have to go to Burnley. I have my eye on a burgundy mock-croc one in the Next Directory.

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