Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Finished Article.

Freya is finally in her grown up room which has also meant that a lot of her toys have left our living room and reside in this bedroom. I am all for adult space. Here are the 'after' shots...

So, we have the changing area at the back underneath her 'Tree of Life' poster. We got the poster free off the TV to celebrate 200 years since Darwin published his findings, I think. I am sure Craig will correct me if I am wrong  seeing as he is  a massive Chuck D fan. I am sure she is the only 19 month old to be able to say the word spirochete and point to it on a poster. Of course this will only ever be useful if she wants to study tropical medicine, hey ho. The little glo light is actually a bug. We also got a flower glo light which I preferred but when you don't know the sex of your next baby you have to hedge your bets somewhat.

She has some soft floor cushions for reading on or for me when I want to gatecrash Daddy's story time. Craig thought the storage system was a bit ugly but it holds all the crap.

Here is the refurbished second hand cot that was more hassle than it was worth. It took us about two months to get round to sanding out the dog chew marks (the first owners, not Mooms) and painting it. I agree with Craig that it was tedious but I do like to 'make do and mend'. You get something lovely and personal out of someone else's rubbish. It's all those American blogs I read, obviously. Freya looks absolutely tiny in it but loves it. She was really excited when we first finished it, and kept saying 'new bed' over and over. The leaf canopy also makes it super cosy.


This is her laundry bin that is low enough for her to put her own stuff in... start 'em early is what I say. She also has a throne which she is too young for but just for her to get used to it. 

This part of the room actually looks pretty grown up, but we didn't want to go too child mad. I would love the story telling chair to be a leather winged armchair just like in the movies but will have to save up or keep my beady eye out for a second hand one on flea-bay.


This is a perfect clock for Freya, it's not going to teach her to tell the time but the girl does love butterflies. Its more for any adults wanting to know what ungodly time she has woken us up. I'd love to say it was a 'one-off' but actually I found it in the Next directory for an extortionate amount of money.

Craig was a bit disappointed with the rug because there are better ones out there but this is made of proper wool and feels lovely underfoot compared to the ones that feel like astroturf. Her early learning centre cars are a perfect fit- so tough.
This final picture is of the beautiful pram blanket that Emily from work has knitted the new baby but I just had to get a shot of it. We have been so lucky with blankets and cross stitches that people have made for Freya a lot of which still reside in the nursery. As an aside you can also see her new grown up cow cup on the windowsill. She now has Horlicks from that cup before bed- this was Craig's invention to get rid of the bottle before the new baby turns up and there are all kinds of envy issues. Well thought out big fella.

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  1. Just one quick correction... The Darwin celebrations last year were the bicentennial of his birth rather than since his seminal publishing (which was in 1859)