Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A better day after a rubbish night.

Rain, rain go away... I have just wrapped Freya and myself up in waterproof gear to take Mooms out for her daily walk but had to turn back at the end of the garden... as a rule of thumb, if the dog's not enjoying it, you know it is raining too hard.

Craig was working late last night, not by choice I may add. I took the opportunity to catch up with some reading... the dreaded but sainted Gina Ford. For the uninitiated, Gina is a maternity nurse who made her name by inventing the 'Contented Little Baby Routines'. It is a very strict regime that plans a mother's day in 15 minute slots including when to eat. I have always used it more as a framework and in this respect it does help. I have been reading the second book which basically tells you how to cope with a toddler and new baby- it is a scary read. Expressing breast milk whilst sorting Freya's breakfast- ugg. I think it was reading Gina that has given me insomnia. I woke up when Craig came to bed at half past midnight and didn't get back to sleep till 4am. I got up in the end and watched Dr Who whilst trying to finish my knitting.

I thought that the best way to get through the day would be to keep Freya busy. I initially thought that I would brave the local toddler group but was running late so we went to 'Cheeky Monkeys'- the soft play centre. It was a bit of a drive but a fabulous place to go for Freya. I sometimes worry that Freya doesn't spend enough time with other toddlers but seeing her there reassured me that she still doesn't really care. They had a singing class that we sat in and all she was interested in doing was going up on stage and shaking her bum in front of the mirror. There were a couple of really cute kids there and a a really horrible kid that took a car off Freya and then threw it on the ground-his mum didn't look much nicer though.

The back of the play area was a bit like a dungeon, quite dark, confined and with various things hanging from the ceiling. This was unfortunately Freya's favourite part. At one point we went round there to find a solitary kid spinning on a turntable- he could have been there for ages. We liked him because he got off and helped Freya get on. After an hour of being made to scramble to the top of a soft ladder and throw myself down a large slide, my bump was aching and the Braxton Hicks contractions were beginning in earnest. Time to slurp our free juice and biscuits and head for home. I drove home with all the windows open and music blaring but Freya still fell asleep, damn it.

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