Friday, 3 September 2010

Bank Holiday Monday.

On bank holiday monday we had plans to meet up with our friends Nic and Nick. I am always constantly late but since having Freya it is not unusual to be an hour late- this drives Craig to distraction. Luckily, Elodie makes Nic and Nick's world just as chaotic, so we never even notice the time anymore. Everything is always laid back with these guys- so it is a pleasure to go.

As far as hostessing goes, they put us to shame with homemade bread and cakes on the menu and there is always the offer of real coffee or booze. They have a beautiful house which is a converted chapel, which has recently seen the addition of a conservatory and a long awaited log burning stove. The guys are very driven and decorating seems to happen very quickly- frustratingly different to the glacial pace that things move at in Belgrave. Still, a very aspirational house. They have a newly built log store which I am super envious of, should have got a picture really (next time).

We ended up taking Moomin and Chilli, their little Australian silky terrier up onto the field for a bit of 'chase chase me'. Up on the field, that is literally ten seconds walk away, we met Nicky Chilli's dog sitter and another woman who's dog grabbed Chilli by the neck. All the dog's seemed to have fun though and it tired Mooms out at least.

It can be ages between visits to Nic and Nick's so we actually had a bit of a birthday pressie exchange. Nicola had got me some plants from work. Nic works with some really scary people but as part of their 'scary people' therapy, they grow plants which you can buy. I got these lovely specimens- must look up what the succulent looking things are called and buy a little cauldron to plant them in.

Last year we had a bit of a foray into growing your own. Emily from work had dropped of some free cuttings/ seeds etc whilst I was on mat leave. I dug the new vegetable patch over whilst I was heavily pregnant just so the seeds would not go to waste. I cursed Emily at the time but the gardening was really fun.

I guess with that in mind Nic and Nick got Craig this pressie along with a bottle of wine.

We have grown nothing this year, unless you count the children but there is always next season. The vegetable patch is very barren at the mo. It probably needs digging over with some of our compost, covering with membrane and bark and sticking a pot on it just to make it look presentable over the winter.

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