Friday, 20 August 2010

TFI Friday

After feeling generally sorry for myself yesterday, I am feeling so much feistier today. Craig has been his usual wonderful self. Whenever the metaphorical wheels fall off he's always optimistic, supportive and comes good with a plan despite having a tendency towards negativity at times. A well timed chips and 2 eggs (definitely no side of beans) and a couple of hours of ironing helped to lift the fog. My shift last night was also relatively easy despite excessive shortness of breath (mine!)

So, I dropped Mooms down at Anubis, the doggy beauty parlour. The place is run by this fabulous young woman Sam, who loves dogs and has a soft spot for Mooms. She used to groom at Crufts but luckily has set up base in Darwen. She always seems busy and I am pleased for her (and slightly jealous as it seems like a nice job) 

In three hours Moomin has been transformed... bath, haircut, nails done and the piece de resistance: anal glands milked! I wish I could say that I didn't know what this entailed but I once performed the service for my sister's dog Bailey. This rather cute chihuahua looking thing...

We then headed up to mum and dad's to pick up Freya. She seemed as happy as ever at Nannies because she does get spoiled rotten. She had been playing with her mini toadstool doll's house, making everyone a 'cuppa tea' and a new thing that she has started which is trying to 'get into' her toys. After chatting with Craig we decided that we would finally knuckle down and get her new room set up this weekend. She is currently still in the nursery which is a bit dull for her inquisitive mind. She's so keen to pretend and help us with chores etc... putting her own nappies in the bin and sweeping etc. So plenty of opportunities for play kitchens etc.

Welcome to the weekend. Craig has cracked a Leffe Bruin (or Browwwnn as our friend Hannele would pronounce it in her delicate Nederlands accent)  after having done the Friday goodies shop... on the list this evening brown booze, rhubarb crumbles (for the lady) brownies (for the gentleman) and a DVD of The Boat that Rocked. So will be signing off to find something nice and non-alcoholic to drink hurumph.  Maternitini it is then... Mix 42 grams of raspberry sorbet, four ounces of freshly squeezed OJ and a squeeze of lime. Smashing.

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  1. After 3 l of Leffe, I'm making comments! I should like to add that the basic element of the maternitini is like rocking-horse shit. You basically have to make the raspberry sorbet yourself (unless maybe you live in Knightsbridge or inside Selfridges). Thankfully we had some prepared earlier, though it is residing in our ailing freezer that seems to prefer the winter wonderland look as opposed to the modern 'frost-free' fancy look!