Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pretend play.

I finally got round to buying Freya a tea set- seeing as how she is so British and is thoroughly obsessed with the drink. We took it for it's first test drive at nanny and grandad's. Mum was great and she got all Freya's soft toys involved and Freya got the idea straight away...who'd have thought, entertaining at 19months (my little Martha, maybe all the Martha Stewart stuff I read and watched while pregnant crossed the placenta?) She's still a bit clumsy with it but mum said that it will improve when she gets to use water, outside of course.

A word about children's tea sets. You can really go to town and spend a fortune if you so wished. My aspirational tea set was a £26 Emma Bridgewater set that I actually bought for Elodie on her first birthday. My sensible head told me to go low key and cheap because it will only end up buried in the garden at some point. So I gave myself a £20 budget for tea set and fake cakes! We ended up with an £8 early learning tea set but splashed out on wooden cakes (£15) et voila...

We went to the park today and we saw a family with three children, one crawling baby, and an older brother and sister. Freya was in love with the baby and the older sister. She kept crouching down to look at the baby and introducing herself loudly as 'Freya' to the brother and sister. I hope this bodes well for the future. I want her to have a great experience of being a sibling just like myself.

Her love of music continues... current favourites are California Gurls by Katy Perry with Snoop Dogg and Candyman by Chritina Aguilera. Although when we were sorting out her butterfly clock in the nursery, System of Down came on the ipod and she loved it (much to my dismay and Craig's amusement).

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