Friday, 27 August 2010

The Many Beards of Craig Chambers

I can't help but feel the title of this post sounds like an Oscar Wilde novel. I wanted to dedicate this post to my husband's wonderful beard in it's many incarnations. Afterall there is something very sexy about a man with a beard.

So logically, starting with the sans beard look... This photo was taken at Manchester airport before our big American holiday looking pretty skinny at this point too. Craig usually shaves before a holiday just to stop embarrassing tan lines.

The moustache that never caught on (strangely) This moustache never actually got to leave the beach hut we were staying in Thailand.

This 'Ashes to Ashes' moustache also never left the Thai beach hut. There's something about the straight across 'tache that says 70's/80's CID. This would be alright if you were getting sponsored for it during 'Tacheback'- the charity hair growing lark.

One of my all time favourites the 'Laughing Cavalier'. Very reminiscent of Jay Rayner the food critic from Master chef goes large. I think it is dashing but with a sense of humour...

Just to remind you what the original looks like...

Next in line is a bit of cavalier and some Hercule Poirot thrown in. This particular 'do' was for the hospital ball at the Stirk House hotel. It took a fair bit of research to find good moustache wax. The publication 'The Chap' came up trumps in the end. Incidentally, The Chap seems to be a great publication for the gentleman who still wears a waistcoat, pocket watch and a trilby. They have an event every year called the Chap Olympics in London which sounds like a real hoot. Alas we have never managed to go.

Next is the straight forward goatee, nothing too exciting but a good everyday work beard nonetheless.

Here is the fancy dress cowboy 'tache, grown specifically for Fran and Paul's party. Craig was a little weirded out that everyone had had their individual fancy dress chosen for them. I personally thought we were lucky to get cowboy and bordello girl chosen for us. In my opinion, Craig was a little disappointed not to give his Moses costume a second wearing. It was a really good costume consisting of a Gandalf wig, scratchy wool blanket, shorts, sandals, a wooden staff and a slate placemat for his commandments. Religious stag do's eh?

This is the full on Zac Dingle beard. These photos demonstrate when this beard is particulary useful. Firstly, when you have just had your first baby and you can't be arsed shaving because everything is all up in the air. Everyone's too busy looking at the baby to notice the growth anyway...

Secondly, is when the weather gets very cold and the fur keeps your face warm. This picture looks like Craig is telemarking in Norway. Actually, it is just Darwen Moor with the freaky snows we had earlier this year.

Finally, the face furniture that inspired this post. Craig is out tonight with a mate from Sony Ericsson so decided to fashion this creation at half eleven last night. I think he looks like Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me fame, while Craig feels that it is more reminiscent of Metallica's James Hetfield. Either way, a sexy look.

They all work for me. Have a good night tonight. X

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