Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last weekend at work.

What a busy weekend. It started perfectly with Craig giving me a 'lie-in' which before children meant 12 noon but now actually means anything after 8am. I got up to find Craig had taken Mooms and Fre-fre out for a walk leaving me to have a big coffee in the peaceful garden. I love this time of year, it's a bit cool but the mornings are so sunny and quiet and it reminds me of time spent in America. We did our big American trip in September (2005) and did some of our driving in the early morning. This picture was taken driving from Lee Vining to Yosemite and demonstrates the way early mornings can be sunny but lovely and cool.

After wasting time writing a beard post on Friday while Freya had her afternoon sleep, I had to try and tidy up while she was up and about. Thank God for nanny who took her to see the horses and then stuffed her in the bath. Becky's visits are very welcome and low key but I still like the house to have a 'calm' inviting air to it. This means that dirty floors and heaps of plastic toys need to be cleaned up. Everything was straight when she arrived  at half seven, including candles and fire lit.

Luckily, we had Craig's fabulous bolognese for tea washed down with a nice white wine and we watched the Hotel Inspector. Who doesn't love Alex Polizzi? after discovering Becky's new found love of David Mitchell we watched all the Friday night comedy. Had we gone to bed at that point I could have avoided feeling like dog toffee for the rest of the weekend! Instead, we stayed up until half past three in the morning talking about nurses being too posh wash or generally resistant to change with maybe a short interlude on exercise and body weight (we are women after all!)

Becks did offer to get up with Freya next morning, but I think 3 1/2 hours sleep is something that only parents should be exposed to! At least we caught up in the afternoon with a catnap. Craig returned from his night out bringing us Subway sandwiches... Craig always gets turkey, ham with pickles etc on honey oat bread where as I always settle for meatball marinara on Italian bread, yum. This gave Becks and I the energy for 'cheap shopping'... basically going round all the bargain shops in Darwen (you would think that Becky lived in Dubai rather than Dundee the way she snaps up bargain shampoo).

We got back to a roast cooked by mum but served at our house because we have more room! This is where the wheels fell off somewhat...I didn't need to be rushing round trying to clear space for a big dinner before going out on nights. When we had sat down to eat Freya was happily screeching excitedly next to me. I shouted 'for fuck's sake', started crying and asked someone to swap seats. Not so yummy mummy now heh? I cried silently through most of dinner, not for any particular reason but it's just what I do when I am extremely tired. By the time I had showered, tumble dried the wrong uniform and got ready, I felt better.

My last night at work was perfect, I was working with Julie and Sharon D...two experienced and lovely nurses- basically, I didn't need to take charge, supervise or chastise anyone all night. I got all my e-mails sent off and added up my time owing sheet. I had the care of some lovely patients. I left on time which isn't as easy as you'd think. On asking if I was excited, I told the girls that I wasn't really because I knew what hard work I had coming. My last maternity leave involved me sitting round in my dressing gown watching Jonathan Creek for a month and shopping for the nursery. They were the days. Kate gave me some valuable advice which was when the baby falls asleep put it in a room and hide it from your toddler... we shall see if this works!

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  1. Alex Polizzi is amazing. Why do the people on the show not listen and do EXACTLY what she tells them.


    ps, Craig's right. This is really good.